How to innovate and differentiate the pizzeria in 3 simple steps

Discover the value wheel of your pizzeria

A well-known marketing company has studied how to extract the point of view of the customer and how to search in the sector for ideas for differentiation in terms of innovation of value.

Now we work to think about your contribution to innovation and value of your product or service as a owner of a pizzeria or as a freelance pizza chef.

We still give you a model to learn how to create unique value for your customers and differentiate yourself.

This time we start from your point of view, your sensitivity, creativity and your knowledge of the sector in which you operate.

We have built this tool starting from the Blue Ocean theories and a Coaching methodology.

The value wheel aims to photograph your perception of the current state of the known market space in terms of value offered to customers and help you identify areas of differentiation and uniqueness to be implemented in the field of pizzeria.

Here is the exercise.


Starting from your experience and what you have learned by putting yourself in the shoes of your client and an expert in your field:

  • Lists at least 5 factors on which the competition and investments in the sector are focused.
  • Evaluate each factor, with a grade from 1 to 10, based on the relevance of the investments and the importance given to the factor within the offer of the service or product (the evaluation is subjective. Here the actor is you).

Take, for example, the pizzeria sector (yes, more pizza!).


Apply the CREA model (Creation – Reduction – Emphasis – Abandonment)

Imagine now that you want to compare the current state of the industry in terms of offering with your business idea.

Apply to each of the factors the 4 powerful questions that question the strategic logic and business model of the industry and reevaluate with a score of 1 to 10 the old and new factors (those that may have emerged from the question on “creation”).

Here are the four questions. Among the important factors for the pizza industry:

  • Which are the factors not offered by the industry that should be created?
  • Which factors should be reduced well below the industry standard?
  • Which factors should be emphasized far above the industry standard?
  • What are the factors that should be abandoned?

By introducing the possibility for customers to create their own pizza, and by working on BIO factors, leavening and beverage variety, you have changed the customer’s entire shopping experience and introduced the possibility of varying the trade-off between service and price.

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