Principles of the Italian diet

A distinctive and, so to speak, striking feature of the Italian diet is that it uses the “increasing” principle of eating. Which you can cook in the nesco roaster oven 18 quart.

“What is that?” – you ask. And that’s when the food is eaten with increasing calories and volume, that is: you eat very little for breakfast, more for lunch, and for dinner you can not deny yourself anything (many people order pizza or make pasta at home, so that the diet was really Italian). You may ask, “And what is the peculiarity of such a diet? Yes in the fact that no educated nutritionist would recommend such a regimen (remember the old saying that “dinner should be given to the enemy”). However, such a diet as the Italian diet exists and helps many people, in spite of its paradoxical nature, to get rid of extra pounds. Again the question arises: “At the expense of what?” And due to certain restrictions and postulates that invariably accompany the diet.

Postulates of the Italian diet

  1. So, the first postulate of the diet: in no case do not overeat. Although above we talked about the possibility during the dinner nothing to refuse, but this does not mean that you can overeat. Here the standard principle of good nutrition applies: when a person gets up from the table, he should just be full.
  2. You can have sweets only for breakfast.
  3. Drink a lot of water. You can drink not only pure water, but also any other liquids, except those with high calories (beer, milk-based cocktails, carbonated drinks, etc.).
  4. Do not eat calorie sauces and gravies.

In conclusion it should be mentioned that the Italian diet is not a strict one, so if you like it, you can “sit” for a long time. In addition, if you remove the “increasing” type of diet, then you get a classic proper diet, the benefits of which have been proven by any nutritionist. Also, such a diet is recommended by doctors to use to consolidate the results after a hard mono-diet.

On an average Italian diet for 7 days you can lose up to 5 kg. However, as you can guess, the maximum result will get the one who can “curb” his evening appetite.

Eat right and lose weight!

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