Specialize and differentiate in pizzerias

The main obstacle that you may have detected in the previous article, the one related to customer acquisition through promotions on Facebook Ads is contained in the phrase: “attract customers in target”.

Although I then explained to you what the definition of target customers is, namely: that particular type of customers that usually comes to your premises, with certain demographic, professional and related interests. You may have thought, “but all sorts of customers come to me. My customers don’t have any specific characteristics!”.

Well, that’s a problem. Not very serious, of course, but it’s a problem. And not because your customers aren’t really “classifiable”, but because you don’t know how to classify them! You don’t know your target audience and this is the great limit.

If you have a pizzeria with a children’s playroom, your target group is families with children and with a medium level of culture and income, while if you have a restaurant in the trendy area of your city, your clientele is probably young and represented by groups and, perhaps, formed by university students and young professionals. Or, again, if your restaurant is a typical trattoria open also for lunch, I attracted workers from nearby companies and couples a bit later in the years who love traditional pizza.

And if you have no idea how to find out the characteristics of your target, the problem is even more serious, because probably your restaurant has no specialization, it does not differ in any way from the multitude of places all the same in your city or neighborhood.

In an age when opening a place is quite simple, too many people make the mistake of opening a pizzeria without any specialization or differentiating idea. In this way, customers will find themselves confused because they will not know why they prefer one place over another, since they all do the same thing.

Today people, as we saw in the introduction, have very specific tastes and even little desire to risk. Therefore, they rarely choose a place that has nothing to distinguish it from the others.

From my experience, I can tell you that most of the restaurants that close down are those that do not have any specialisation or differentiation.

Not only because they are often opened by improvised restaurateurs, but because they have difficulty making their way through the ruthless competition of hundreds of other identical restaurants.

If your restaurant is not located in the historic center of Venice, Florence or Rome and, therefore, can not count on the incredible amount of tourists who randomly choose the place where to eat a pizza (but thanks to the smartphone apps this custom begins to be less and less valid), then you have to find a way to communicate with your potential customers so as to convince them to come to you.

The way we will communicate is dealt with in the next article here you have to focus on one aspect: if in your place you make pizza but also the kitchen, or bread and rotisserie, if you welcome families with small children who roam between the tables but also couples in search of intimacy, then you are doomed to succumb against whom:

  • is specialized in the preparation of Neapolitan pizza;
  • is specialized in the preparation of rotisserie;
  • is a renowned and characteristic pizzeria;
  •  makes only cut pizza;
  • is aimed at families with children with special spaces;
  • has only small tables and an environment that promotes intimacy.

The reason for this is quickly stated: those who specialize in only one type of proposal are able to make people believe that they are better than those who do everything. And if the owner of that place will be able to promote himself at all levels and to communicate with its potential customers, it could soon become the city’s reference point in its specialization.

In every city there are a couple of places famous for being: the best fish restaurant, meat restaurant, vegetarian restaurant, the best Neapolitan pizzeria etcetera etcetera.

What they did was to specialize and communicate to the market their specialization until they became so famous that they were chosen by customers without them having to think about it. If in Turin I want to eat baked goods I don’t have to do research on TripAdvisor or ask for advice to friends and relatives because I already know which are the 2 or 3 most famous places.

Your restaurant, if it is a trattoria, pizzeria, prepares fish but also meat, if it is for families but also for businessmen and couples in search of intimacy will NEVER become the place to which people think when they have to choose where to spend an evening.

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